What artworks or other assets do you consider as suitable to lend against?

Right Capital will consider a multitude of high value art assets: antiques, paintings, photographs, sculpture, jewels & jewellery, fine wine, and others.

What is your process?

On initial contact, we will discuss your general requirements in the strictest confidence.

If our advisory committee decides that the opportunity meets our lending criteria, we will perform extensive art collateral research and send one of the valuers and recognised experts that we collaborate with to physically inspect the work.

If the research and valuation concludes satisfactorily, we will make an offer for the client to consider.

The full process typically takes 6-8 weeks.

Objects pledged as collateral are normally held in appropriate secure storage facilities under our control. We do make exceptions to this requirement on a case-by-case basis.

As every client has specific needs we will tailor our process appropriately.

What type of loans?

Right Capital is an intermediary introducing commercial borrowers to relevant lenders, dealing mostly with art-based non-recourse commercial loans. These loans are secured solely by the underlying arts asset or collection and do not require personal or business guarantees. Our loans are typically offered at fixed-term and fixed-interest rates. The loans can be used for absolutely any purpose including acquisition finance, auction bridges, working capital, or revolving credit.

What size loans?

Loans over £500,000 with no upper limit.

Does Right Capital arrange loans for individuals?

No. Right Capital works mainly with professional dealers and collectors who trade through Limited Companies, Offshore Companies, Incorporated Partnerships and Family Trusts.

What are the typical terms of the loan?

Bespoke terms tailored to the specifications of each client and the art collateral. We understand the unique nature of art assets and offer flexible terms and custom solutions.

In the event of a default we can assist you in selling the art assets through one of the major auction houses and will always try and maximize the value of the sale.

All the legal aspects of our loans are handled by a major London law firm.

How long does it take to complete the loan process?

On average it takes between 6-8 weeks from initial discussions to receipt of funds.

How do you value an artwork?

The in-house team take a quick preliminary view for advisory purposes. Following that, a specialist and if necessary, a conservator will physically inspect the artwork and assess auction estimates. We collaborate with renowned art experts that assist in the valuation of the artworks and who are at the top of their field.

What happens to my artworks once I finance against them?

Artworks can be stored in one of our art specialist facilities in London or if located abroad can be stored in your appropriate storage facilities under the lenders control.

Client access to artworks stored by us as collateral can always be easily arranged.

Exceptions are considered.

Do you have art insurance?

Every artwork that is used as collateral needs to be insured. It is possible to come to an arrangement with your existing insurer for the period of your art loan.

I am due to sell my artwork in the next year. Am I eligible for a loan?

Yes. A loan secured by art that is scheduled to be sold (a bridge loan) is one of our financing services. Right Capital can arrange bridge loans, thus allowing you to unlock a certain amount of liquidity before the sale.

I have found a buyer for the work that is used as collateral. What happens?

With the approval of the lender you are able to sell the artwork. An agreement of a pay down amount in case of a sale will have been pre-aggeed.

Can Right Capital lend against assets held offshore or against assets owned by offshore entities?


Do you work with an auction house?

Right Capital is not affiliated with any of the auction houses directly. However, we are able to work with major auction houses to help sell assets on behalf of clients.

Apart from loans, do you offer other services?

We are able to offer a range of advisory services such as valuations or assistance in sales or acquisitions.

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