Apart from arranging commercial loans against art we are also able to offer a range of art advisory services, including:


With a large portfolio of clients we are ideally placed to assist in sales and acquisitions of blue chip artworks. We help our clients throughout the whole process from provenance research to global art viewing in order to reach a successful deal. We handle the negotiations in a transparent and direct manner. We only work with fully documented works and established artists. We specialise in impressionist, modern, and post-war.


We can assist in valuations and appraisals for insurance purposes, fair market values, auction sales. We have an extensive network of specialists who cover a breadth of art periods.


We can assist clients with the required due diligence research in provenance, title, authorship and all other elements required in art market transactions.


Advice on the optimum way to manage your collection from online collection cataloguing to storage requirements and insurance.